To flourish in French

Our vision

French-language education (FLE) in Canada provides added value both to the learner and the learner’s family.

French educational institutions in minority communities convey and promote Francophone culture.

As a result, learners acquire skills and knowledge in French and are able to thrive in a French environment.

The impact of a learner’s experience in a rich and diverse cultural environment carries beyond the confines of the day care centre, school, college or university attended.

The impact is far-reaching and benefits the learner’s immediate surrounding while contributing to the community’s general success. This is because Canada’s French-language educational system is built around the idea of civic community school. Civic community schools aim to redefine the relationship between school and community in order to foster engagement by all members of the community and improve learners’ chances of success at all ages.

In Canada, French-language education produces high numbers of graduates who are bilingual for life, engaged in their community while being internationally minded and who have excellent employment prospects.

Francophone educational services
in Canada

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